My first taste of the real raw and uncut graffiti scene started back in 1985. As I took those train rides (A and #1 uptown trains) with my mom, I was amazed at how much graffiti the trains were covered with. So many different shades of colors and the overly-sized cartoon-ish type lettering, accompanied by some alien cartoon holding a laser beam weapon. It was out of this world and glad I got to experience that era.

It was then that I decided to pursue my passion for art. I started to implement my own style into my vision, which then was transferred to a canvas. Its a getaway, I love to express my art skills. A sense of accomplishment always follows after someone is impressed by it. Its what keeps me going. I was drawing all my signature pieces in Backpacks, Jeans, Jean Jackets, Snap Backs, Fitted caps, T-Shirts, etc.

It was an instant hit. Everyone loved my work. It became overwhelming at times, but I never gave up. The thrill and fun of it kept me pushing forward. Did it for a few long years but school and responsibilities were a bigger priority at the time. I took a break from it all and halted all operations. Manual labor operations at that.

Forward time to 30 plus years later and I make an e-commerce debut in 2013. Decided to dig out my buried gem back out into this competitive world. Nutty World Graphics. Now offering everything from custom apparel design to custom electronic gadgets. Its been a long road. Thanking God all the time for letting me continue my journey. Appreciate all my loyal customers and fans. Thank YOU!

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