7GM – Rear


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Die-cut decal made of high-quality vinyl.

Life Span:

Indoors: 10 plus years.
Outdoors: 5 to 6 years, maybe more depending on your specific climate zone.


Never use harsh chemicals when cleaning. You can cause the color to fade.
Water after soap being used is the best method of maintaining the decal.

Additional information

Dimensions 6 × 4 in
Car Style and Color

S-D White, S-D Silver, S-D Dark Gray, S-D Black, S-D Gold, S-D Red, S-D Burgundy, S-D Blue, S-D Brown, NS-D White, NS-D Silver, NS-D Dark Gray, NS-D Black, NS-D Gold, NS-D Red, NS-D Burgundy, NS-D Blue, NS-D Brown, S-ND White, S-ND Silver, S-ND Dark Gray, S-ND Black, S-ND Gold, S-ND Red, S-ND Burgundy, S-ND Blue, S-ND Brown, NS-ND White, NS-ND Silver, NS-ND Dark Gray, NS-ND Black, NS-ND Gold, NS-ND Red, NS-ND Burgundy, NS-ND Blue, NS-ND Brown

Tail Light Tint

Red, Smoke, Black


Quad, Dual-Inner, Dual-Middle, Dual-Outer