This Policy was last modified on November 30, 2018.
This policy has been drafted to minimize order handling and wait times.

The order process consists primarily on that initial individual order. There is absolutely no adjusting, modifying or adding to ANY individual order that has been already placed, discussed and paid for. Any additions will be considered a separate order with its separate shipping price. There are many factors that come into play and it isn’t as simple as you may think. Weight and packaging can change a previous order price drastically. It isn’t fair to make others wait. Orders are handled in the order received. The quicker you place an order, the less time you have to wait. Talking about an order DOES NOT mean you have a secure spot.If you want to secure a spot, your order must be placed (paid), along with all details regarding that order.

I have setup the website in a way where you can add all the products you need, without disrupting the order process and pricing.
So please, take your time when ordering and make sure you have all details beforehand.

An order may NOT be separated. If you need your entire order done and shipped by a certain date, you must provide all details to finalize your entire order. I will NOT ship half of the order now and the rest later. I do understand we can get busy at times, but it’s your responsibility to plan ahead and make time for your order. Specially if you need it done by a certain date. If the due date is not met due to a lack of details from you then I will not be responsible for not meeting your due date.

An order process starts immediately after payment. Nutty World Graphics is based on a “First-Come First-Serve” service. There are customers before you. The more time goes by means that other customers are now prolonging your order, specially after they have made their payment. It is encouraged that you plan ahead of time and are ready to submit your order details and make payment.

Custom Orders:
75% of my orders are custom, therefore; handling times may vary depending on the complexity of that custom order. For example, you need thirty (30) Decals or T-Shirts and they all have different colors, I will have to take my time with each individual T-Shirt. Keep that in mind. Thanks.

Down Payments:
Down payments are only eligible for orders over $250.00. The down payment can vary depending on what you’re ordering and how much material I need to obtain to get your project started. Down payments can range anywhere between 50% and 75%.

A refund may only be issued if I haven’t started or ordered any materials for your order. No refund will be granted if a due date was not met, due to your negligence into not providing me with details to get your order out on time.

Paypal Disputes:
If  your impatience escalates to a Paypal dispute without messaging me directly via Email, Facebook or Instagram. There’s a chance I might cancel your order and refund your funds as soon as I am aware. I will also decline any future business. It is your responsibility to read the “Policy” and “Terms and Conditions” before placing your order. Orders can sometimes delay due to Holidays and I have no control at how the shipping service provider handles your Package/Envelope. If you feel that the service provider might be taking long to deliver your package, don’t assume, contact me first, as your order might’ve not shipped yet or if there IS  a delay, I can advice you on the next necessary steps.

Indeed, it is key. It only hurts you If you have a bad habit on not replying back to conversations. Any order inquiry via Email or Facebook Messenger (specially after being “seen”) will be cancelled 24 hours of no reply after I provide a price quote or an answer. Like I mentioned before, there are other clients taking up future slots. You’re just delaying your order. I provide an equal opportunity to everyone, but if you start standing out as someone who constantly inquires and never follows up, then I will have no choice but to prioritize on other serious inquiries and try to get back to you when I get the chance.

If you have any questions or concerns about this Policy, please feel free to Contact Me.

Thank you,
Nutty World Graphics.