Frequently Asked Questions

Knowledge Base:

What is a "Die-Cut" Decal?

The process when the razor blade (from a vinyl cutter) traces and cuts out a vector image.
The excess vinyl is then weeded and discarded (by hand) to reveal the image while still retained to its backing.
In other words a "Kiss Cut", where the blade is pressure sensitive and only cuts the top layer.

The bottom layer is the carrier backing paper that holds the vinyl in place. When the blade is set to the proper pressure,
The backing paper won't be perforated. Too much pressure and you risk cutting through both layers, rendering the piece useless.
An adhesive backing paper is then applied to the top of the vinyl, in order to be transferred to the appropriate substrate.

Why are your designs different?

Even though there's a lot of competition out there, my designs are usually developed by experience and inspiration. I am constantly told that I do perfect and very clean graphic design work. I love to invest time into the tedious type of work that others don't. The results are truly rewarding this way. What my customers are always blown away by, is the way I combine materials.
It brings life and interaction to the design. Always a conversation piece.
I pay close attention to detail and quality materials.

Do you make full color stickers?

Unfortunately, not at this time. Maybe in the near future. I will make an announcement when service becomes available.
I am NOT a big fan of these but will consider a solution to offer them . They tend to have a shorter lifespan than vinyl decals, but they are sure useful for specific applications.

Do you "Screen Print"?

Unfortunately, not at this time but will consider this method in the future. Too messy and the process is long. Screens can take up a lot of real state.
I rather have the flexibility of heat-transfer vinyl and its specialty color selection.