Digital Emblem Warranty

Digital / Addressable emblems are a final sale, non-refundable product with a 3 month warranty on failed components and LEDs, with the exception of wear and tear. Broken, Cracked or Faded does not qualify for warranty. I do an intensive quality control before shipping the emblem. It amazes me that upon receiving emblem certain customers have led burning issues. If you’re not electronically inclined, please, DO NOT attempt to connect the emblem and its components and create a short ruining the product and returning it for repair so soon.

If you DID NOT buy a Digital / Addressable emblem directly from me, please provide name and address of the person you got emblem from. We can then go over any warranty claim if its still effective for said emblem.

If your emblem becomes defective before its 3 month warranty period, you will only need to pay for shipping one way to have your emblem repaired. I will replace any defective component for free during this period. If your emblem becomes defective past the 3 month warranty period, you pay for shipping both ways plus a non-refundable fee of $25.00 to replace components and re-seal the emblem and control box with silicone sealant.

The process can take 4 to 12 weeks depending on how much work I have at the time. I have more important priorities and I must attend to those first. So make sure you have your OEM emblem handy while your LED emblem is away. I will provide tracking info before repaired emblem ships. Messaging me constantly about the status of your warranty will get ignored. Only time to start messaging me is when the warranty repair period goes over its 12th week.

This WARRANTY policy for DIGITAL / ADDRESSABLE emblems can be revised at any time.